Spiritual, Spirituality – Start with the ending in mind


“May it be the very lines that divide us, that will bind us together.”- Ytiffany Gnicole

Only after you master your own being, will you ever have the ability to master your own life with style!

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The existence of The Spiritual Battle is shared with everyone. It projects from our minds into the world to create this shared experience of life of this priceless Earth.  Still, with the exception of our Spirit Guides, the journey itself is taken “alone.” No-one cane take every step with you, besides in the effects of Divine Oneness. Some dig fearlessly into the unknown than others and, in the same breathe, some take more responsibility for their destinies on different levels.

Every thing isn’t for everyone and we all have a uniquely important part to play in the shaping of our own destinies and the world as a whole. Each of us must find our own paths and truth to become our best and most high selves. Whatever shifts your mind from negative to positive will shift your state of being in the same direction, by Cosmic Law, and in Divine Right.

Wise often stick closely to paths already proven to bring you closer to your highest self. We call these personified and accepted as, proven ways of life, religions. Some call the Mortal Messengers, Profits, like Moses, Mohammed, or Selassie. There are many historic figures and Saints, like Gandhi, ancestors, and flood heroes, most in particular, is Noah. Some come with a Savior to battle for and with your. This is a human born, most consumed with the Holy Spirit, likely even conceived through it, giving mortal birth to a living God…Directly delivered to deliver you from your self. Most call this miraculous child Yeshua of Nazareth. Others are, Attis of Phrygia, Buddha, Krishna, Heracles, Glycon, Zoroaster/ Zarathustra, Mirtha, Dionysus, Osiris, or Horus…. Odysseus, and Romulu. God loves the children most.

Unable to really grasp ‘The Source,” that is boundless in it’s entirety, it’s no wonder why we personify and draw lines for our conscious selves to follow, hoping to map our ways safely through the seemingly coincidental events occurring in this spiritual warzone. It’s OK. We all hope to experience the state of perfect balance and peace with all things; to grow only closer to the Universal Consciousness.

The experience I like to call, “On-Line,” is where you reach the state of your highest potential, most know of as a state of enlightenment, Christ, or Buddha… Some count out a possibility of A Creator God all together, in the vain name of “Science. If a tree falls in a forest, it still makes a sound whether we hear it or not. Now the things we once could hear are deaf to us with-out the applications of artificial intelligences and such non-natural means. I personally believe science proves, if anything, that there is a super intelligent pattern and intrinsic design overlaying within the bodies of all beings, through-out every dimension.


Numerologist: Numbers are Science. Our Obsession with Mathematics, Geometry and the connectedness of all things has reached a high not recorded in history for thousands of years.  Everything connects and numbers are the base language of it all.  Learn how the numbers relate to everything around us.  Curious?

In the end we all tend to look to something greater than our perceived selves for strength. Within and all around you, find it all, including the meanings in symbolisms that guides you to your purposeful destination safely. We have many names for these forces on every level. I find the dream world very interesting in the fact that you can hurt yourself in that astral realm and suffer physical effects. It’s common for people who wish to did deeper into their own sub-conscious to make dream journals with footnote of the symbols and meanings found in a dream dictionary. The ability to remember your dreams is related to how open your third eye Chakra is. The Chakras are our spiritual body parts and aura is summation off our spiritual body. One would be wise to understand the means of balancing mind and body through these energy filtration systems.

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 My particular favorite spiritual entity, (and yes, right along with dragons, unicorns, and fairies), are Angels in their Pyramid Hierarchy of The Holy Spirit! I believe all the ‘Ascended Masters wind up among them ranks to help deliver and protect your blessings…save you from yourself. Am I crazy to believe this world once an extremely magical place, or that we once were naturally powerful once upon a time?

People of every faith can relate to the existence of Angels. What many do not realize, is, just as you are mad of elements and galactic energies, making you a zodiac sign, and with more unique features; among them includes what I call, your “Angel Essence.” Just as each of our souls are but a fragment of the Source, meaning God is in us all, so is a trace of the Holy force through which dominion of rights are ours by birth right. To find out more about your purpose as an Earth Angel and secure your Contact Kit, Visit: The Earth Angel’s One-winged Acsension

Angels Be All Around You. May They Move Through and For Your Favor.

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If you are as excited as I first was to find so many similarities between holy scriptures, comparing religions and skimming the surface truths of translated branches, may be for you. I found it imperative to finding my individual truth. With so many personified versions of a boundless perfection, each religion represent and empowers with a name and face, I want you to share your views in our honorary spiritual circle: C.O.G. Skyline. All creeds are welcome to unite under focus of the similarities between the paths, instead of differences.

The Sun, Moon, like every shade in the rainbow, all must work together to ever ward off the “lack of” or suffering. The Moon, (though opposite), is not the “anti” of the Sun; the absence of light, nor darkness, but the reflection of light, or a dimmer light. That way it’s easier to master ourselves as responsible souls, sharing one Earth. Anyone who wishing harm to none is welcomed. No throwing stones in this glass house. Allow others all the individual freedoms you claim for yourself…. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you… Love thy neighbor as you would love your self…harm none and do what ye will…if you get the drift.

> Common Topic Categories <

Right View _ Perfect Trust = Forgiveness

Right Mindfulness _ Perfect Awareness = Prudence

Right Speech _ Perfect Truth = Honesty

Right Aspiration _ Perfect Love = Compassion

Right Conduct _ Perfect Livelihood = Honor

Right Concentration _ Perfect Respect = Chastity

Right Action _ Perfect Ethic = Valor

Right Effort _ Perfect Peace = Temperance

I declare as a Godly Mortal, that my fait in tomorrow is directly tied to my thoughts, words, and actions from yesterday, thus activating my own will of a blessed or cursed existence. We must allow only positive forces to flow through us, if we ever hope to bring positive out of negative. The power flowing through comes with great responsibility, that can’t be assigned to another. Whatever, you believe, none can deny that there’s more going on behind the scene than meets the eye, nor that we are made of a billion galactic elements, willing to aid us in manifesting our hearts desires, after finding happiness without desire, of course.

Feng Shui teaches that there is a place for everything, allowing a proper flow of energies that effect your health, finances, and more. Also check your Doshas, where, again, spirituality and health merge.

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All paths lead up or down the same mountain

All existence is sustained by the original image of perfection (even order within the chaos). The bases of every result stems from the applications of the Universal laws. All things manifest in the following endless cycle of Patience vs Persistence: With repetition one may succeed, and with determined understanding and consistent application, even exceed in any endeavor.


Your beliefs set the stage for all your boundaries, hence they are self induced from the “Mind over Matter” perspective. Always believe in yourself and your Higher Power, all that sustains you. Fear or Pride are two extremes that will result in a fall every time. Do not doubt your right to be your self; harmlessly, deserving to be happy.


How can you get anywhere if you don’t even have an idea of where you want to go. Claim your serenity and clarity of vision. Even with Mentors and Ascended Masters to help you along, plus our Savior to fill in for our mortal short-comings, there will still come a time where the ball falls in our hands, individually or in groups. You must connect the dots. Be honest about who and where you are. Really paint a vivid picture of where you want to be, who you want to be 3 to 5 years from now, seriously. Remember you must get from A to B, before jumping to C, and so forth. Map out the steps necessary to reach your goals. Start with the long term goal, then break it down into short term duties.


It’s no argument that words do indeed hold power. When we become complacent with low vibration words, we easily call others out of their name, and accept that as a natural way of life, even obliviously answering to these “out-names” and “death sentences;” passing the inability to express (and manifest) a full feeling or thought in a way others (or GOD/ Universe) can understand clearly. So be careful what you ask for. If you ask for a blessing, be sure your actions there-after are aligned with acceptance of realization to come at the most miraculous time. Speak to yourself and others with promising hope for a positive result. Breathe life into your dreams and always encourage yourself.


We journey alone, but the bonds created in affinity on that journey are keys to fuel our destiny or hinder it as we exchange energies. No mortal can take every step alone and expect to make it. No matter what matters to you, results are always accelerated by in-weaving with people who desire the same outcome, for any reason of their own. Since we can’t know it all, nor do it all, networking is essential for flourishing in every area of life. In light of the same reference. That’s why they, “Its not what you know, but who you know.”

Do not put all your eggs in one basket and weave the basket from the bottom up…in to out. Every strong loop you make will strengthen your resolve, and you theirs. Outreach is the fabric of humanity. No matter how much of a lone wolf you are, there will come a time where you wish you had a pack that’s not too distant to care, yet alone be there. The value of good people is priceless and leverage found in uniting is phenomenal. Don’t count anyone out. We all have something to offer in reciprocity. Home is where the Heart is, so every one should readily come together to restore the Earth to it’s natural glory. for the greatest good of the future of all humanity.


Find your purpose and place in society as a productive member. Agree to the demands of your position as an essential part of a greater whole. Your sheer will power will be needed to get back up again, as everyone falls the first time in the Matrix right?! It’s so sad to see so many quit so close to the finish line.

Building a solid foundation is hard work all in itself. You may actually feel you are not even working directly on your goal yet, while laying down the ground work. Only those who do not see losing as an option will ever taste Victory and they will have earned it. For example, when you want to be a business owner, you may need to start simply with having a job in that industry. Your responsibility in your own fate can not be denied, nor the personal power that comes with it. Dedicate yourself to making every next move, your best move to become your own best friend. Just by seriously deciding you will win, you are Already Victorious.


You must create an effective course of action to map your route from Point A to Point B, and so on, until you are there. This not you are not just picturing your trail, but solidifying the details of the course. What tools will you need to complete each phase, mission, or activity? Balancing your mind usually requires a lot of research, paperwork for puzzle piecing of information and ideas. It can get tricky along the road. Keep your directions as simple as possible for a flexible ability to detour, only as needed. A lot goes into to preparing for the birth of greatness.


Follow-up, follow through, finalize and close deals. Live within your budget and remember to do the math in every angle. Don’t wait for it to fall from the sky. Use the tools and resources within and all around you to get positive results. On the other hand, you could do nothing but wish and leave the rest up to luck and/or divine intervention and favors (blessings). Some people do seem to get all the luck and there’s surely enough blessings to go around. This step still, is all about moving from the dream and plan phase into the action phase. Become your own best friend and secret weapon, able and willing to follow through to finish line. God helps those who are wiling to help themselves.


After every step of the way, it’s vital, to pause for a second to give a shout of praise, show thanks, and give glory. This is extremely important for counting the blessings past, jobs well do, or obstacles overcame, as well as for claiming the ones to come. As you allow the spirit of fulfillment to flow through you, you attract more favor by every right through God. Taking time to let go and let God is essential to growth and developments. Send out vibrations of completion and the universe will return them multiplied. Celebrate your success with loved ones and others who helped you obtain it. Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often. Happiness is Gods direct will for you.…then it’s back to the drawing board and back to work restored in strength and resolve.

On this spiritual journey, one must note the original, cosmic, universal, natural, or divine laws, from witch all other effective laws stem from. These instructions should be consciously reflected in individuals, families, communities, and even government. As all things are connected, spirituality flows over into all the other areas of life. None the less, Health is a very important connection to understand, including mental health. A good mentality is everything, especially if you can align your thought process to benefit from the lows behind the manifestation of creation itself.

Here’s the Basics  

and some details on a few of the primary laws

The journey of self mastery is realized by students of all walks of life, with the guidance of teachers who have already found success with-in a proven system. Whether your method is a form of Christianity or Teacher is Buddha, you must eventually belief in your self. On whatever comfort level of consciousness, changing your state is seeded in your ability to change your mind first. The spiritual battles originate from within, so there, deep within our subconscious, we find all the solutions and ability to train ourselves to see the best and find the most potential in any situation. Check this out!

Black Ops Hypnosis 2.0  This is advanced mental technology. If you’re looking for “A Beginners Guide To Hypnosis” you won’t find it here.  This is at least fun to look into, and for some its a great hobby or trick to enjoy with friends.  What can you do with Hypnosis?  What can we learn from a calm state of mind?.  See what it is all about here:

The universal over-lay is a conflict an entity against itself. To bring things to our level of understanding, does it no justice on some levels. Every culture and science knows that what you send out returns in multiple folds. No energy is created or destroyed, simply changed, thus can be manifested as blessings or other-wise, through our will, by God. This design is the road map to live your dreams and even nightmares. If you can’t trust the responsibility that comes with acknowledging your rightful power over your own existence, tread no further than your comfort zone,or risk the possibility of experiencing an epiphany or getting a step closer to finding the personal truths that may lead you to your own  enlightenment, some know as, the very state of Christ or Buddha. A group of us are learning to claim our rightful lives in the group: Manual Manifest Masters.

Nothing Real Can Be Threatened

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