Back to Life- Grief Recovery

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Back to Life is a comprehensive, quality bereavement handbook.

It consists of 73 pages that explore many aspects of grief in detail. There are 19 chapters or “lessons”, each addressing a different aspect of grief, a coping skill or a strategy for emotional survival:
Heartbroken from grief…?

You are likely here because you have experienced the horrible, painful loss of a loved one. And I am so very sorry for your loss.

In your quest to find help with your grief, you may have come across some “quick fixes” offered over the Internet. Shame on them! What could be worse than taking advantage of someone who is grappling with a tragic loss in their life like you are?

Sadly, there is no “quick fix” to grief, but there are more effective and comfortable ways to help mend your broken heart and lead you gently back to brighter days.

We originally wrote the Grief Guidebook for ebook publication only, and it has been phenomenally successful. Then we started getting requests for “hard copies”.  Most of the inquiries have come from grief counselors, clergymen and nursing education departments who previewed it and wanted multiple copies.

So, to the publishers we went. And we found something out quickly… it’s expensive to publish a book!

But we finally found a printer who shaped our guide into an  attractive paperback volume at reasonable cost. It is 8″X10″ with full-color photographs. The pages and soft cover are of quality stock. You’ll be pleased with it.

Some would say Grief was based on the lack of knowledge that leads to negative thinking and perceptions of natural events.


The imbalance isn’t in your mind, but your gut

It have an intelligence of it’s own, usually programmed by conditioning through experiences that hold memory there.

I recommend balancing your Yellow Chakra Center

12 steps for instant relief

Chakras effect your mood drastically

Chakras effect your perception, awareness, consciousness too

It’s Basic Spiritual Survival within that ripple out into your life

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Music and More Help