Child Scientist (Amateur) – Parent Bonding

Everyone loves a Child Scientist

Science is one of the most efficient, mind opening ways for parents to bond with their children. Both can learn together. Inspire your child with the wonders of science. Teach your child scientist early that the sky is not the limit.

Did the experiments not work?

• Tired of science experiments that are not clearly explained? ?

• Perhaps you’ve noticed that your experiments have not worked? ?

• Are you trying to repeat experiments that didn’t work, but just failed again. ?

• Can you not find good explanations of how they work so that you can understand them?

• Have you read any books or web articles on experiments, but still been unable to achieve them?

• Do you think that doing experiments is too complicated and that you do not have the right equipment?

• Do you think experiments are not suitable for children?

Other people have the same problem.

You’re not the only one. Most amateur scientists feel the same way. It’s not your fault.

You spend your time looking for the right information in books or on the web, but it is not clear. You have the right equipment in your kitchen, but you do not know it. If you do not understand the explanation, it’s because they are not explained in simple terms.

The experiment fails every time because the instructions are not accurate. The experiments are described to you as though you have a Masters degree in nuclear physics and it does not interest you.