Love and Relationships – Be who you love. Do what you love.

Love and Relationships


Love and Relationships are a very tricky thing and certainly not my area of expertise, but I’m sure it starts with your ability to accept yourself first. How else could you understand what you deserve or how to treat others the way you want to be treated. Just sticking to that law, the world is already a better place. It is the ultimate weapon. United, love spreads like wild fire, giving rise to the most amazing positive transformations throughout the world. It lights the world, thus is life..

Every bond is about fair and equal exchanges, or reciprocity. There are many levels to loving relationships and appropriate expressions of such, as well. Hence, just because you kiss your wife on the mouth, mother on the cheek, and daughter on the forehead, does not mean you care for one more than the other, usually. We all express it differently, but must be sure not to confuse it with desperation, possession, obsession, or some unhealthy look-alike emotion. Some may debate that love is selfless, but to love your self in any relationship is detrimental to the nature of self preservation. My idea is that the very need for love and relationships is to fulfill something personal to your own  growth.

It’s very natural to form defenses that block our ability to receive and offer love. These defenses can surely protect us from the wrong people, but when finding good people, will serve better as a prison. Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, but let some of the light in and out as often as possible. With out love, it would be impossible to put your passion into anything you do or anyone you value. To learn more about maintaining your dating relationship, go HERE!

The relationships you find may not be of mere love and infatuation, but in affinity or support of the same cause. No matter what you do, you will need a support team to boost your potential. When I say everything, I may everything is more possible with the right people in your corner.

The strongest friendships are born from a simple hello, so you can imagine the bond formed by supporting the same outcomes.


Love is the one area where the more you chase it, the more it seems to evade us. Always chase purpose in whatever you do. Such can be found in the most unexpected placed and at the most ironic times. Makes sense considering it is the mystery of God. Love is open to all possibilities and sees beyond the physical.

What’s your Love Language?

Love is so powerful it can heal us from within. Vibrations are everything. It draws me in great interest into fields of holistic health, such as Reiki and Healing Hand practices. Once my self-heling group, Serenity Circle, is up and running, details may be found in the Health and Well-being section.

Love too, may be infused into every thing you do. When doing the things you love, be sure to include your friends, family, and significant other. They will appreciate being a significant part of your growth or success.



Your Friends and Family Care.

Actions speak much louder than words, so never settle for empty promises. Whoever doesn’t show love, in a healthy way, doesn’t deserve you. Remember to also give children the love they deserve, so they may grow into healthy lovers. For more help with parenting, go HERE!.

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