Living and Career Goals – Chase your Purpose

Living and Career Goals

Living and Career Goals, usually start with acquiring knowledge, so please remember to visit that section. Step two, is usually securing any position within the industry you love, then climbing the ladder. There are so many more positions in the world than the five to ten, I once thought summed it up in elementary school. You know; the teacher, police Officer, firefighter, doctor, or mailperson. With technology soaring and corporations growing, there’s no shortage of opportunities for those who are willing to pursue them.

Take this Free Career Test, for insight on the perfect field for you! There is a place for everyone is this civilized society. Dig deep into yourself and discover your path, know what you need to secure your dream position, then seek JOBS and Employment and enjoy the climb. Remember to utilize the numerous online job search sites, like Ladder, Simply Hired, Indeed, snag-a-job, Glass Door, or Monster.

HERE are conventional Tips for Landing a Job

> Go the extra Mile

> Be smart about your resume

> Make the cover letter short and to the point

> Make every in-person second count

> Ask for feedback

> Practice your close, giving thanks for the interview

> Don’t neglect your e-mail cover note

> Follow-up


Many of us already know, human must work to live comfortably on earth. If you are not seeking a job, you could better benefit from Tips about How To Get A Raise!

Hard work always pays off and there’s no way around it, unless you have a generous inheritance of some sort.  Still, it’s wise to learn how to make your money work as hard for you, as you do for it. Remember to stop by our Knowledge section, If you know someone with a job, you may know someone who knows what company is hiring. It’s normal to start small, so don’t be discouraged from chasing your dream job, just because you may start of in a nightmare. Use each day as a stepping stone into the future where you can support yourself and family.

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