Knowledge- True Key Power


Knowledge, being power is the most hidden of truths, but in the age of technology, researching is just at our finger tips. No matter what you are trying to do or where you are trying to go, you will need particular, whether basic or extensive, knowledge to complete your mission. You must know your strengths and weaknesses as well as your competitors. You will need to know the language and etiquette of the industry or topic. Students shape the future, for an ignorant society can not stand independently, much like a child.


Not everything can be learned in books, but such knowledge can be gained through experience. You will indeed need to know different solutions already proven, as well as be able to creatively come up with your own during life’s journey. They have courses for that. Whatever you don’t know or can’t do, you must know some one who has the knowledge to fill in the blanks or lead you to a REFERENCE. There are even Soft-wares and SERVICES designed to help with know-how. Many you light to stay on the brighter side of things, with more knowledge about Home, gardening, and pets! Perhaps you’d like to know more about Natural health alternatives! The sky is not the limit.

Continuing Education

With knowledge and experience comes understanding. To be solely responsible for yourself as an adult is to know that you must first get a basic education before you can even get even temporary employment. Once it’s permanent, you require the knowledge of the need to live within it’s budget, until you hopefully become eligible for social security upon retirement.

Only the Smart Survive

I recommend an APP to help you budget and to get a better understanding of Roth IRA’s before settling for a traditional 401k, which was really designed to give leverage to the corporations. This way, at least you can minimize penalties in the event of an emergency withdrawal. Paying people to hold our money is the consumer mindset that got us in the struggle to begin with.

There is a place for every citizen in society

It’s fine to stop at your comfort level. We live in a pyramid, and need occupants at all tiers. In reality there, is not as much room at the top, but we can all find peace when playing our positions the greater whole. Some will come understanding in the fact that you must then get, even more education in order to climb the ladder and secure an valid career position with benefits and unusually realized promise of financial security upon retirement. There are way more than one can count in this world. Don’t be afraid to find your place in society. It is the workforce that keeps America up and running!  HERE are some popular fields where your expertise may be needed. For more insight on Living and Career Goals, remember to visit that section for great work opportunities. If you are already tired of not being your own boss you may appreciate knowledge about WORKING FROM HOME!.

Beyond the simple things in life

 To take it even further, if Social Security isn’t enough for you, may be you will need knowledge of where to get financial assistance. Your local social services might be a useful funding middle-man, between you and sources. You may settle or realize it’s near impossible to work or save your way to financial freedom. At that point you step into another level of possibilities, further explored in the FINANCES section. If you decide become and entrepreneur, it, too will require diligent research. There’s no way around the quest for knowledge, especially knowledge of your self.

People who chase purpose, make all the difference

If you are more comfortable, not having knowledge of things, cease reading beyond this point- Now, or find that you can never really own a thing. The illusion of doing so, is indeed fulfilling. What you don’t know may hurt you, just the same some times. The great vision of freedom the forefathers had when creating our constitution, has been under-minded by many alterations that lack fore-sight. The worst of all is, The federal Reserve Act, It alone is the reason Americans find it near impossible to enjoy the fruits of our own labor. It must be revoked for us to get back to the making our country great again.

Enough to go Around

Not many know the details of the goldsmiths who formed the original banks, selfishly printed way more bills than they had gold to back, and eventual crashing our economy, as it became one based on debt. Their greed literally opened the doors for our economy to be controlled by outside influences of private bankers who, in their small elite group, called The federal Reserve, now regulate the global economy. Some feel the solution to uncontrolled printing of currency is to assign the job to an algorithm that fairly prints bitcoins. This is still in it’s beginning stages of development, so stability has be questioned. We must hold dear, the ancient knowledge, now taken for granted, from fixing things, to even cooking. Click HERE for useful knowledge you can help yourself with. Never be the smartest person in the room and you are bound to always learn something new.

Nothing’s more valuable than people 

Just know that no one can do it all, but we can all do something, just by educating ourselves. Free education and even medical would be a big step, in the right direction obviously. Our crime rates would drop and productivity will increase. As the gap between classes widens and bridge narrows, it is education that will determine the fate of our every quality of life. I know that for most, it’s tough enough trying to survive, yet alone even thinking about excelling beyond the systematic limitations and even legal discriminations. Where-ever you find yourself on the boat, we are still all in the same boat together. When you meet a new person, you will want to know their story… acquire knowledge of people and events, or how in relation, you may help one another. Often we will find, we are never alone in a situation. Knowing that, gives us strength and power. Seeking knowledge of the Universal laws will also set you free. Visit our Spirituality section for details.

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