Yoga Burn !!!! (For Her) Lose weight and more!




Yoga helps you balance your mind and body very effectively for all kinds of outcomes from weight loss to pan relief… even insomnia.

People all over the world swear by the balancing effects, as it ripple out from the physical in to many aspects of their life in effect.

Tune in with yourself on the purest levels possible.

The naturally sedative poses make for perfect meditation and grounding time.

This is one of many traditional Chinese inspired lifestyles where your energy itself is said to heal and restore in circulation or balance.

MORE about Yoga

Yoga means union.

Union of the individual with the supreme, or union of one’s body, mind, and spirit

so that our actions, our words, and our thoughts are in alignment.

It is not a religion but a spiritual practice that can be incorporated into one’s daily life

no matter what religion you follow,

whether it is Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, or Atheist.

“Real religion is one.  It is the religion of truth and love.
The religion of the heart. … of service, sacrifice, and renunciation.
Religion of goodness, kindness and tolerance.”
– Swami Sivanananda



There’s no limit to your possibilities when you tap in to your chi