Health and Well-being – Your Body is Your Temple

Health and Well-being

Health and Well-being, interchanges easily with Love and Relationships. When Love and Relationships is in this Chakra State, it focused more on Sexual Relationships. The original focus, other-wise, is universal and general.

Health and Well-being in the Heart chakra, closely relates to heart health, and emphasizes eating right. Natural Food is our medicines and major preventative. If you chop down a tree that took thousands of years to grow, planting thousands of baby trees will never add up to what was lost in that habitat.

In this area, reproductive, emphasizes, drinking lots of water. Everything is connected as usual. There are still many areas in health to consider, including mentally, and even spiritually too! Everything is about keeping the balance. Take note of the 8 Laws of Health.


We must trust that God created us to heal ourselves through the Grace of The Holy Spirit and that all systems would, other-wise fail with out divine life support. Have perfect trust in the fact that good health is in God’s direct will for you, should you actively claim your right, faithfully. Your body even already knows what it needs to heal, if you listen.


All though the industrial demands require for us to compete with machines, we can never be robots. There will always come a time where we must rest and recover. There is extreme negative effects to not getting enough sleep, that ripple, of course, into all aspects of life. Even being unable to remember your dreams could be a problem, believe it, or not. Take some time for self care, or burn out.


You are what you eat. When you eat processed food, of animals who have been bred in miserable conditions, you actually welcome sickness. The body knows the difference, but will of course process it as best as possible out of a will to live. Cooking, food, and even wine, are literally a way of life! Good food brings everyone closer to each other, and even God!

One can’t even operate with out the fuel to move and think correctly, hence the importance of a well balanced breakfast. Steer clear of processed sugar as much as possible. Third-world countries, don’t eat the tasty mucus we eat in The States. Look into alkaline foods and natural anti-inflammatory foods, like Oats, Coconut Oil, Bone Broth, Green Leafy Vegetables, Fruits, Fatty Fish, Nuts, and Turmeric.


Proteins are also important. I aspire to be vegetarian some day, but for now, I simply keep meat to a minimum. It’s important to have a protein with all your fruits and vegetables. Most think meat is the main course, though it’s a side; easily replaced with beans, legumes, and such. Your blood type and gender could make a difference in what perfect diet is for you. Fish is usually a must though. If you choose meat, choose grass-fed beef. Animal lovers should also, identify 9 of your Totems, though they are more in the realm of Spirituality, with dream work. That leads me to remind everyone, to mind what energies you feed yourself, using healthy positive thought process. The mind is there the true battle takes place.


I love to leave the windows and/doors open as much as possible to allow fresh air in. Take a walk, may be. Your breathe is one with the air and trees, so to harm them is to harm your own ability to live a healthy life. Breath, down through your stomach, keeping your chest upright.

A deep breathe draws new strength to live in the now. The Natives understood how sacred Earth and how all the elements were connected to us. I advise we heed their warnings some day, sooner than later. There will be no replacing or replenishing of such resources, only artificial replacing what was once natural, until nature becomes a supernatural, figment of lore. Everything has a natural flow and course. Check out ways to create a positive path for good energy to flow in your home with Feng Shui. What’s your fend shui Element? Nature is still always at the core of everything, including humanity. It’s reflected in all of our different aspects of personality types. Try to use as many Green Products as possible to be part of the solution. Start with your self. Find help is needed. Quit Smoking ASAP.


Again, taking a walk will help you in so many ways. Have you ever heard the saying, “Never stay still when you can be moving, not sitting when you could be standing?” Well, I believe they were on to something. The sun is always in movement. It’s that celebrity to just must catch every time it comes to town! Some will need a little more than others, but we all do need it.


I remember time where taking a drink of water felt like a breathe of fresh air, seriously. I just knew I needed it. What would health do with out clean water? We’ve already make natural water from wells, springs, and mountains a fantasy reserved for the wealthy. Most drink dead water, wishing bad elements have been filtered from, on a daily bases, so become thankful, just to a wet mouth. The quality of our water, represents the quality of our life in many ways. Take life serious and drink alkaline water. Eat alkaline foods too! Stay


Pressure is necessary to sustain life. People need a bit of fire under their buns. When you use your muscles you let them remember their purpose through performance recognition. The way you sit, walk, and stand train your muscles to pinch or lock in positions that sometimes causes blockages in the blood flow in and or all systems, that are easily broken up during proper work-outs. Cardio keeps your heart strong. Health and Fitness are directly connected. Whether you have a standing or sitting desk, always remember to keep moving.


Too much of anything causes an imbalance, and our bodies do not process alcohol, so should always drink responsibly. Always be sure your fun is not at the expense of your or any ones health. Before you go out to that big party, be sure you have all the beauty and cosmetic supplies you need. All work and no play, only got anyone to an early grave.

Holistic and Natural Health

Health back on the rise. The world is remembering the blessing this earth is. In it we find all the cures for, even some man-made diseases.

Say “BYE-BYE” to Stretch Marks, Insomnia, Yeast Infections, Gas, Back Pain, Kidney Disease, Cholesterol, Diabetes, and more!… HERE

 As a Massage Therapist, I found it important to optimize my body as well as mind. Both need exercise and rest. Besides, saving people from the need or surgeries and addictive pain medications, Massage Therapy activates the body’s ability to heal itself in every single organ systems. It’s my favorite because it is effective in healing on so many levels. Most under-estimate the power of touch.

When you hurt your self, rubbing it is your first natural instinct to promote healing. If it’s in-touchable then you know it’s bad. This gift from God is not a luxury, but essential applications of pressure that sustain a healthy lifestyle. Adopt a healthy way of life, also through Reiki! When we feel the need to stretch, it usually leads to a “pop,” as bones re-align and adjust. I also want to shine light on all the good Chiropractors out there, though a needle in a haystack, could literally heal you in a snap. One saved me from surgery before, just like “that!” Be sure the practitioner is  highly recommend.

Release Your Sorrows for all physical manifests from the Spiritual/ Chakra realm.

Holding on to sorrows, literally asks them to manifest in your body by organ system.

Earthly Attachments, inability to let go or accept change, wrong beliefs effects health of brain functions.

Illusions and misconceptions, wrong thoughts effects health of your eyes and ears.

Lies to self and negative self-talk effects health of your respiratory, thyroid, and sinuses.

Grief, Sorrow, sadness, depression, and living in the past effects health of your heart and circulatory system. Such usually turn to eating more sweets than necessary.

Anxiety and living in the future effects health of your stomach and intestines. People who eat salt often are usually fighting with this.

Shame and Guilt effect the health or your reproductive organs.

Fear, not only immobilizes you mentally, but also can physically, effecting the health of your feet and legs.

It is my personal opinion that, lack of excitement and stimulation in your life actually effects your skin, making you seem to age faster.

earth angel

Avon has classic products that restore your youthful look. Being an adult usually feels like the fun is behind us, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. Your solution is a click away. Shopping is very therapeutic.

Speaking of therapy, Don’t forget that a good Massage Therapist can help remove the blockages that effect every organ system in your body.

If you noticed that I mentioned how tastes effect our health, see more about Ayurvedic Medicine. Your body craves what it needs or what it’s addicted to, so it’s hopefully fair to repeat, “You are what you eat.” Create your profile HERE

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