WELCOME GIFT – Free Stay at a Real Resort!- Just Get Away

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You’ve already won your Free Stay, just by being here!

Too often do we settle for a staycation instead of a vacation. We deserve it so must learn to treat ourselves on occasions after constantly beating ourselves in the ruts of survival. If you think, getting away is expensive, you must not know anyone with time share.

Now you do! You and your family can easily reserve a stay in the glorious mountains if Massanutten, VA. Resorts all over the world are always offering complimentary stays. Of course they hope you will buy in to the property, so require that you at least say you make about $45,000 a year.

No purchase is actually necessary to enjoy your stay,

but there is usually a security deposit, in case you make a reservation and don’t keep it. You will be expected to attend a “tour,” where they have the chance to entice you with wonders of the retreat. Not bad at all, to claim your free stay.


There are many attractions and fun to be had and you can get both feet in for FREE!


Use it yourself and also pass the gift infinitely to friends and family!

(Forwarding the information for stay claims given below)


Most Americans sacrifice the quality of life itself and settle for neglecting the things that truly make us happy on a regular. For all the ‘all work – no play” people in, near, or visiting the DMV area; who could use a relaxing escape to the mountains, away from the pressures of weekly stress and labor.


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I invite you to take the load off and treat yourself and loved ones to a courtesy stay at my favorite resort in Virginia! I’m sure you deserve it and know plenty of hard working people, who also would love to get away for 3 Days and 2 Nights for FREE! (Perfect Gift)

If you have not been to this resort in over two years, don’t mind a tour of the attractions, can say you make $45,000 a year (not verified), have a debit/credit card with just a mere $100 on it to hold your reservation (Refund Guaranteed),

Call (866) 831-4437

Give them the Special Invitation code #994-0750,

and tell them Tiffany Bias personally sent you (without mention of this ad of course),

then pack your bags and go experience the southern hospitality for your self

for FREE! Sometimes a little leisure can make all the difference in our stress levels. It’s always good to broaden horizons, so may be make it a multi-family trip. The more the merrier! This is a big deal that everyone can enjoy on their own or together.

p.s. These rooms normally run $79/ night like any hotel

You can’t beat this deal!

Great for ANY SEASON! Reserve your stay NOW.