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Finances must be managed. Our idea of wealth has changed over the eras, but there is always a gap between the haves and have-nots. There bridge to get above the class you were born into is crumbling as the gap widens. Only when we remember the use of things and value of people will we ever be able to excel, yet alone survive. Most already notice how expensive it is to eat natural food, or keep up their bills, and decide they must do something different to get different results. We are not powerless. For most consumers, financing will stop at securing a stable income then budgeting there-in. That’s as simple as finding the personal financing APP right for you. Also, monitor your credit, with Credit Karma. Secure a job with health benefits and find a life insurance plan.

Other may find interest in the idea of creating multiple streams of income and automated income sources that lead to hands-off residual income! There are levels to this. There’s much opportunity to grow n industries dealing with in computers and internet or e business and e marketing. We have a variety of ideas for increasing your income. Since business is about people, remember that your network will always determine your network. Always surround yourself with positive, supportive, and invested people. You may notice how all the other keys link into to the potential of your finances.

Increase your earning potential

Chase Purpose

Do something you care about. A negative you are passionate about turning positive. Often, we are called to our path by personal disappointments and challenges we faced in our pasts, hence myself, The wounded Healer, or even my own Mother, a specialist in a field that allowed her weaknesses to become strengths! This was ever important for me to witness and grow into who I am today…buoyant and resilient. I just keep getting back up…stronger and wiser than before! Inspiring God in another is the legacy passed on by the most humane souls. When I reach the place I seek, I know everyone all loves will be there to celebrate with me.

Develop a Creative Talent or Hobby

We are all born with a unique ability to be ourselves and express it through arts of every sort. Imagination can get you anywhere. Ideas sell, just like products and services.

Push to further your Education

Research everything. Know your self, competition, industry, numbers….and power to be great!

Activate your Support groups or Power Circle

Secure any income.

It takes money to make money, so this is usually the first step after education, before climbing the ladder. If you budget and save, you can work your way the top with the owners and then beyond with the investors! You can not save yourself to wealth and time is priceless. Too often do we work our life away, only to find we missed all the moments in life that matter. To reap the rewards of our r, we should be able to often do the things we love with the people we love. If you are considering a 401k, I suggest you work towards an IRA, instead, for more financial leverage towards freedom.

Be punctual

Every opportunity is obtained by meeting the right person, in the right place, in time. Maintain healthy time management, miraculously nourishes the highest potential for success.

Follow proven paths

Find a Mentor who is already successful in what you’re attempting instead of having to learn everything the hard way.

Chase Passion

Do something you actually enjoy doing. There’s nothing worst than dealing with an employee that doesn’t like their job. Customer service is at an all time high.

HERE are 8 secrets to securing financial independence.

All services and ideas can be enhanced with a product, fun event, or non-profit attached. HERE is a list of fundraising companies that your whole family can help with. Get your team together and even support companies who donate to charity with profits. There are many out there.

Gift Circles

To Help Another is To Help Your Self

The power of gift circles is explained as Unity For Leverage. This idea works in all areas of life. Humans are naturally pack animals. Our net-worth directly depends on our ability to network. In ancient cultures, to survive the oppression of the royals, citizens work gather to borrow and save simultaneously among themselves, without help from a bank. Imagine 12 heads coming together to each put $100 in a pot each month, allowing one member to takes home he pot of $1200 home to their family. People were that trustworthy and dependable back then, lets face it. Even today, we still live in a pyramid system, or Diamond, instead of an equal circle. Both have their ups and downs.

They want you to believe this is too taboo to work today. We are discouraged from trusting each other, yet the banks, corporations, and even government continues to use each and everyone of us as leverage all the time. Companies have even become so wise as to offer cash for referrals. Without people rushing to cash in their valuable’s for fools-gold, they would crash. They want us to believe money trickles down in a business bound economy, but that n must be sadly mistaken for a non-profit organization. That means us little people must fend for ourselves and each other. Our greatest mistake is forgetting how to survive on our own, but the least we can do is learn to loopholes in the systems that may provide a platform for uniting for leverage, like the following:

8 Companies That give you Free Stuff or Credits towards stuff for your referrals, include, Lyft, Groupon, Swag bucks, Host Gator, Airbnb, My Habit, Thred Up, and Wish, but there are MORE!

8 companies that actually pay you for your referrals, include MCA, Dream Host, Dish, Health Works, PNC Workplace Banking, Verizon, Google App, and Capital One 360, then OTHERS 

It’s been a long way coming, but there’s so much further to go for those of us who are to stubborn to stay down or settle. The road to success is not easy, but it’s not impossible either. I don’t aspire to have all the money in the world, just enough to reclaim my life. Anything over 7X, will be up for recycling. Only in America, is it unheard of to circulate your wealth within your own circles multiple times before letting it out.

I’ve Tried a few different businesses, and I’ve come to find the easiest way to start is with a website. Check out Blog with Rory. You will start with content, next add affiliate products, advertise on social networks, and once rolling with that, later dip into arbitrage, on your own. Such liquidation companies are found in our reference section. Buy whole-sale and sell for retail prices. Even if you are into Real Estate or stocks, remember to sell on the upswing and buy while the ball is dropping.

 Once you get the jest of, that, research private labeling. You will need a compound interest calculator. Anything you can’t do, find something or someone that/who can. Nobody can know or do everything alone. Once I perfect a blueprint, I will share the opportunity. Until then, utilize the mass variety of opportune resources available today.

Every contract puts a lot of weight on the exit strategy. Remember that when writing out your business plan or Grant Proposal. Here’s another free one. Just as in marketing, a grant writer may be worth the expense when being presented to investors. Here’s another, but there are many companies and freelancers out there.

My favorite part of independent contracts, is the fact that it not only gives you a chance to represent the company, but your self. You make your own hours and most importantly, all the fun isn’t sucked out by a warded, unless, of course you actually need that pressure, which many do. Imagine, being paid to party? What would you sell at your party? I present this question because adding even just one product to your service or idea, can increase your profits.

Find fun ways to increase your income HERE!!!

My goal is to some day make money in my sleep!


Record keeping is essential for proper tax filing. Being in business for your self gives you deductions of practically everything you have and do. So long as you spend 4 hours in an 8 hour day working and record it you can claim any vacation or dining experience as a deduction to get that money right back. If you do half of your business from home, your utilities can be deducted, or even your gas and car payments. Deduct all your continued education meetings, even the time you spend just looking for customers and MORE! That’s the true power of being your own boss. It’s ok, to remain in the general working class though. I just don’t recommending accepting life as a dependent of the tax payers/state. I know the system makes it seem like the easiest route, but only to the near-sighted.

All you can rely on is consistent hard and smart work. Once you stop working, accounts usually only decline rapidly after.

People are leverage and Knowledge is Power

If, you must be in debt for education, be sure you invest in accounting,  entrepreneurial classes, and those that share Financial literacy, including contract know-how. This stuff isn’t taught is public schools. There is where they train you to be a worker. The good thing is that anyone with an imagination, the sky is not the limit. Anyone can launch a good Invention or may be, publish a book. We all have a story to tell, but let nobody hold your pen for you. You do have the power to change your state, but you must change your mind first.


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