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Korean is one of the Altaic Languages. Various dialects are generally understood through out them all. The ability to learn this language is ranked as one of the easiest. The proper term for the language is Hangul.

Koreans use a solar and lunar calendar, giving them the joy of having two New Year celebrations each year! They celebrate love often and have 3 days similar to our Valentines day (Feb.14). On the same day America celebrates, so do they. The difference is that, the females are gifting to the males.

White day (Mar.14) was created to level the playing grounds. Thus, the ladies have a day to be wooed by the gentlemen! They even created a day for those who have anyone particularly special. On this day singles will gather with friends and eat JaJang noodles in respect to their black coloring. You can get in on all the festivities, first learning the language… then maybe visit?! Start saving and learning.

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