DIY Car Painting Auto Body Course

DIY Car Painting Auto Body Course

“How To Paint Your Car, Get Eye Popping Finishes and Own The Coolest Ride on The Block. PLUS, Experience The DIY Pride of Getting The Job Done Right. 100% Guaranteed! – Even If You’re a Complete Auto Body Newbie & Have No Experience Whatsoever”

First of all, I’ve customized a set of 20″ chrome wheels on my car.

Also, I color matched the car paint to the wheel face leaving the chrome lip which came out Fantastic. All of the V.I.P members are VERY helpful in every way. 

Equally, I would recommend this DIY carto anybody out there trying to learn auto body as a hobby or set up shop to make money

Comparitably, Very detailed and easy to follow instructions get you going in the right direction fast!.

DIY car

Victor. P – Tempe, AZ

  • In reality, Become a bodywork ninja and give every project the show- stopping finish you’ve always dreamed of
  • At the same time, Paint, prep, and complete everything with such high quality other people won’t believe that YOU did it
  • Also, Save a ton of money on wasted materials and mistakes, so you can deliver jaw-dropping work from a shoe-string budget

Regardless, provide there services to others. As well as discover the quickes pay route