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First of all, Ladies, You have the power to inspire your husband to keep his eyes on you, where they belong.

None-the-less, Guys, you also have the power to maximize the potential for happiness in your relationship.

Rather lead by example.


Therefore If Your Husband Looks at Other Women, Inspire I’m to reconsider his priorities!

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6 Reasons a Man Should Watch Where He Looks

In addition, If you are a Man who just can’t help fantasizing about other women, learn more about why you feel or think that way.

Maybe, look at it from your chosen partner’s point of view

6 Reasons a Man Should Watch Where He Looks


inspire your husband

Creating Lifetime Value In Relationships

In, conclusion, I absolutely love how they are living proof of what they practice and preach.

So, meet the brilliant lovers of a phenomenal series of ways to maximize your love potential, harness it, and reach the moon and beyond if you choose!

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Stanley & Jessica Leffew

“This page is designed to tell you more about us and our message on being wanted for a lifetime of nights and not just a night of a lifetime.

People in over eighty nations each month visit our site, and we just want to say, “From our home to yours, WELCOME.”

As you get to know us a little better, it is our hope that you will return here again and again.

We believe our message is timely and needed. So many today have made sex about recreation instead of relationship. So many are chasing desire, living for the moment and missing the lifetime. “

inspire your man


Of course, Stanley J. Leffew has been writing successfully for years.

His unique flare for words has launched his writings into international acceptance

not to mention, as great resources for relationship enrichment

In the light of showing the value of longevity in relationships.

As a matter of fact, he launched this website after holding his 2-year old daughter in his arms

and realizing there would be many voices screaming for her attention in life.

He decided to add his own voice to the mix.

Granted with recognition as a “Platinum Ezine Articles Expert,”

his articles have been circulated for their content in newsletters, showcased on thousands of websites

and in like manner, comprised in e-books with the writings of several other experts in his field.

Stanley’s writing savvy

ultimately opened the opportunity for him to be a regular contributor to the “Family Matters” section of Family Living Magazine.

Family Living Magazine since their inception has dedicated their publication, strengthening home and family life.”

inspire your man


For start, Jessica received a BS in Psychology from the University of Houston Clear Lake. Jessica is on Staff as the Women’s Ministry Director of one of the largest Baptist churches in Houston, TX.

Then Around 4,500 attend Sugar Creek Baptist Church each week, so her position there is filled with joyful excitement she treasures.


Equally Honored to be a part of ministry life at Sugar Creek.

To sum it up, Jessica is very passionate about her role as Women’s Ministry Director.

Not to mention, she has a natural charisma as a speaker that audiences love.

Further-more, her wit and delivery style charms and captivates audiences making her a crowd favorite.

Inspire your self or your man now!