Creativity – “You’ll be on your way up!”


You can never be happy if you can not use creativity to express yourself. It’s detrimental to the safely of your innocence and inner child. I personally believe responsible children with creative problem solving skills, become the most successful adults.

Did you know there are companies who will pay you to master an art? Get creative and search if there’s a company who pays you to do something you enjoy. Shop? Travel? More Shopping? More Traveling, but taking lots of photos? Even on Cruises! Take them locally? The more creative you are, the easier life is.

Find a hobby that allows you to use your imagination to forget the stresses of adult life. Often expressed through various arts and crafts, creativity can be infused in anything you do, just by adding a pinch of you. Staying true to your self will lead you to the greatest heights. HERE are some creative routes some actually soar in!

Besides appropriate, harmless reasoning, no-one can really tell you how to creatively express yourself. That is completely up to your own imagination, with the exception to the fact that you intend to harm no one. There is no shortage on resources for someone with a resourceful imagination. No matter how grown we become, we must protect our inner child, by nurturing our individuality in unique ways, if just to keep our souls at peace. Our favorite way to express ourselves is through our attire, however fashion forward we are, or not. Visit HERE, for some creative clothing and ideas!

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Sometimes society wants up to hide our personalities in professional settings for better operations, so don’t go and lose your job standing out like a sore thumb. Find balance in all things. What I recommend is a hobby that makes you feel like you’re taking a journey into yourself. When you find that color undiscovered in the rainbow, paint the world with your unique beauty, on your own free time, of course. Never forget to take time to save yourself from the rut and endless demand of adult responsibilities. The only thing worst than an adult with no imagination, is a child lacking of it.


If you love to be creative, it’s always a treat to invite children onto the scene. You may also do best in a field that lets you be a bit more free than usual. I’m excited for you! All that you can be is up to your ability to believe../ in your self. Believe me, you will want to stay tuned. I’m just getting started!

The more the merrier! Never stop pursuing happiness, especially when it’s more possible than ever. Sign up for updates on the next best life changing decisions rippling through-out the informed and wise who do flourish already. I have a gift to start you
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